Our mission is to make your life more secure and safe.

    The Tricom security  team is made up of  highly trained professionals with more than 15 years  industry  experience. Our company, using best brand alarm and CCTV equipment, will protect each part of your home or office without undue expense. Your security system does not need to be excessively expensive to be effective. It need only be done by professionals.  Our recommendations have saved customers up to 30% while providing an even higher level of security.

    For example, about 70% of windows in new homes cannot be opened from the outside, but the glass in these windows can be broken very easily by intruders without triggering any of the window's alarm contacts. As a solution, these windows  needs glass break sensors only. This common sense technique and others will move your home protection to a superior level for a more reasonable price. Even with  a free alarm offer there can be different types of installation. 

    With our low price monitoring fee, you will have more peace in your and your family's life.  

    A great philosopher said "Nothing is more important than peace..." and we will do everything possible to make your home more  peaceful.


Tricom security also provides commercial and residential access control systems, CCTV - digital video surveillance, and phone service at an incredibly low rate. 

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