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    Tricom security offers residential and commercial phone service with crystal clear sound. . Our best  residential price  starts at $24.99  * for  unlimited calling in the USA and Canada including  lots of  phone features like Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, Call Transfer, Call Return, Caller ID Block, Forward on Busy, Call Hunt, Do not Disturb, all with a Skype connected phone number*. Similar packages from other companies will start from $45.

    Our business phone system will help you to organize any size of office. Your colleague's phone extension can be physically located anywhere in the world but you will feel that they are in the next room because our phone system is based on the internet.  

Some Features:

Manages telephone calls within a business.

All routing of calls is digital over the computer network (or even a wireless network).

Unlimited number of extensions.

Supports all the standard PBX features like call transfer, hold, and record.


Includes a call queue sequencer with voice prompting and on-hold messages player


Works with hardware type VoIP extensions which just plug into the LAN

Works with computer based softphones (e.g.. the Express Talk Softphones or Eye Beam) where you make calls through your computer.


Works with USB phones plugged into your computer.

If no VoIP services are available can also link to ordinary external phone lines with FXO adapters.

Sends audio as higher priority packets on both Ethernet and internet so your normal data will not interfere with voice transmission.



Supports MD5 security authentication. Links directly to the Call Recording System to record calls if required.

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