Video-surveillance system

    Since the end of 90`s  we have seen an revolution in the use and variety of applications for     CCTV systems in the security industry. This happened because people seem to find it easier to manage machines than than other people.   Hiring, managing,  and monitoring the performance of guards takes time and effort, but a well-designed CCTV system will significantly reduce your manpower requirements. Many CCTV systems will even pay for their installation in saved payroll costs within 2-3 months.  

    The heart of today's CCTV system is DVR (digital video recorder ) which replaced the old tape based VCR.  No more TAPES to change! The built in 500 or more gigabyte  hard drive,  network card, and included software allows you to connect from any internet PC  to view live and recorded data, or remotely Pan, Tilt, and Zoom the ADEMCO Rapid Dome or similar cameras. You can then save your data as another format (mpeg or jpeg) and e-mail that to the police, your client, loss prevention office etc.

    Tricom security provides  all the types of  the CCTV system, from a simple backyard camera connected to the house TV right  up to internet based 64-camera commercial systems.   Tricom security is using one of the best known Honeywell CCTV   systems. For many applications our customers ask for   night vision  cameras to get more security through the night. Our CCTV  prices  start from $2000 for 4 cameras with the internet access feature . Some  of the our DVR systems come with free X10 automation panels preinstalled and  free IPphone adapter**

 CCTV system price list

So if you need a Best CCTV system , you've come to the right place.




The HD6 Series offers the highest performing PTZ domes on the market.


Honeywell Video Systemsí HD3VM4A indoor monochrome dome camera is a versatile, cost effective, integrated surveillance solution.


The HRDE 4x4 is a high-quality stand alone and/or networked digital video recorder (DVR) with built in audio recording capabilities.


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**2 year contract may be required for free VOIP adapter