Security alarm   

    An intruder alarm system remotely senses the presence of a person within the space covered by the system sensors.   The sensor will then send a signal to the main panel that there was an action  in the sensor field.  The panel will then transfer a signal to the monitoring station which can phone the police. 

    During the last 20 years alarm systems have become more and more sophisticated -- from the simple switch connected to the  siren in the beginning of 70`s to the whole house automation system of today which from a small business card size remote can control not only the house alarm, but the house lights, garage door and even pool pump or TV.   Today's motion sensors can recognize the difference between movement of pets and humans by the weight.  Glass break sensors are able to recognize the  type and thickness of the breaking glass . The basic security alarm system can be equipped with motion, glass break, smoke, CO, heat, natural gas and water flow sensors.  The most  important news  is that the price of all of these devices can be accepted by any working family.

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Ademco Four Button Bi-Directional Remote - 5804BD

5853 - Ademco Wireless
Glass Break

Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

Temperature Sensor Smoke Detector

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