Home automation

    Among devices used for residential or commercial automation, X10 is one of the  most popular industry standard for automation communication. It uses primarily power line wiring for signalling and control, where the signals involve short radio frequency bursts representing digital information. Our X10 service includes a wide range of X10 equipment and starts from our low price of $75 for the regular type of light switch and $95 for door opener system. We provide a free X10 software panel with most of our DVR systems.



Home Control Remotes

Heavy Duty Appliance Modules

Dual Floodlight

X10 remote control

X10 Appliance Modules to add  control to high-wattage, 220V appliances such as water heaters, air conditioners, some kitchen ranges, and more.

Dual Floodlight
Light up the night to ward off intruders or safely light the way to your home when you arrive after dark. Inside or out, lights are a great way to fight crime before it even happens! When someone approaches, the built-in Motion Detector activates the powerful Floodlight. The Dual Floodlight can also turn on up to four other lights when motion is detected.

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